Wargames WOPR custom case mod

Love this movie, and love the WOPR.
Started planning this a half year ago, tried to contact people in the US having some info about the real model to get measurements and color codes etc.
Got some good info and now its time to get it rollin´.

I found some sketchup model of the WOPR, but the measurements were totally off, and some parts were to big/small, wrong place and so on. Took me almost a month to get all details right in the sketchup model. Used the movie of course and all pics i could found on the net. Also got some emailed to me from a previous worker who made the original back in the 80´s.
Size of the case will be about 19x8x6″, perfect to house a ITX motherboard with a 3870K AMD, i have a Intel 330 128GB SSD somewhere and a Corsair H60 that will to the job perfect
I do not play games, so the graphic power is not a issue for me.

If someone dont know what the WOPR is.
War Operation Plan Response

This WOPR project is still work in progress!

Check out the work log at The Mod Zoo
WOPR from the movie Wargames