Bitfenix Prodigy Mini

When the Bitfenix Prodigy first came out, i ordered 5 of each color to do some modding.
They all got stuck in the closet for a long time befire i had planned some mods for them, check out the “Shadow of Prodigy” i made also.
The plan for this one was easy, i need a HTPC with storage capabilities to sit by my TV, the original Prodigy is too big by my standards, but i still wanted to make a Prodigy-style HTPC.
So i was taking the prodigy apart, down to the last bolt and fiddled around with the parts, the Prodigy is pretty clever built and can be remade in many different ways.
So, by cutting the prodigy down almost 10″ (25cm) i can get a neat HTPC but still have the Prodigy feel and look to it.
Build log here at The Mod Zoo