Custom computers from Sweden

Welcome to my corner of the web, here i put some of my projects for you to see.
Take a look around, be inspired, inspire and mod on!

Current project

Wargames WOPR

Desk size replica of the WOPR from the movie Wargames

The plan

Finish a earlier project to completion.


Not yet planned

Latest projects

D-wave X2
Desk sized replica of D-Wave Labs quantum computer.

Bitfenix Pandora mod
Sleek, small and tasteful decorated gamingmachine with copper hardlines.

Earlier projects

Casey Neistat themed case
Theming a casemod after Casey Neistats mods and style

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX
Small modding and re-painting the case.

Project Myria
This was my workstation until Oktober 2014

Fractal Design Core 1000
Cramming 7 drives into a Core1000

Bitfenix Prodigy
Custom front panel for my Prodigy, to house double 240mm radiators in the case.

Bitfenix Prodigy Mini
The prodigy isnt that big, but i built a smaller one just for fun.

On the bench - on hold

This is projects i have put aside for different reasons, it can be lack of parts, waiting for information or just not feeling for building on this right now.

Cray C916 / C90
Ongoing project

Akula Project
Currently on hold

Fractal Define S
Latest project started December 17th